Webinar: The Financial Impact of BYOD.

webinar-promo-cesare-garlati-byod.1280x720.1An increasing number of organizations allow employees to use personal mobile devices to connect to corporate networks and data for work – the so-called ‘Bring Your Own Device’ phenomenon. However, a recent study by Forrester Consulting reveals that only a few companies measure and understand the actual financial impact of this new IT model and that even fewer know the true costs and benefits of Consumerization of IT.

Join us on June 27th at 11:00 PDT/2:00 EDT for a live webinar with Cesare Garlati, a sought-after expert in enterprise mobility, who will review the findings of the study and discuss:

  • Key factors that compel firms to deploy BYOD programs
  • How IT organizations measure ROI of Consumerization
  • The hidden costs of BYOD and its benefits

Cesare will explain how to develop the financial framework for your BYOD initiative so that you can unlock the full business potential of the Consumerization of IT model.

You will know the bottom line at the end of this discussion!

About Cesare Garlati
Co-Founder, Hex Five Security, Inc. - Chief Technologist prpl Foundation

One Response to Webinar: The Financial Impact of BYOD.

  1. Glad to see you are going to discuss this. From organizations I have talked with, there are big differences in the financial impact BYOD has on the business. For those who go into the process with a well developed strategy and buy-in from all involved the end result tends to be quite positive. Not the case when going in blind. Like anything else disruptive within the enterprise, businesses need to do their homework when it comes to BYOD, build enforceable strategies, and embrace tools (i.e. WorkSpace) designed to protect the enterprise while empowering user productivity.

    — Peter Fretty, IDG blogger working on Aruba Network’s behalf.

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