A Clean Slate Approach to Linux Security RISC-V Enclaves

Credits: Embedded World Conference 2020 Proceedings, http://www.embedded-world.eu

Abstract – Hardware consolidation requirements and sophisticated new functional requirements are forcing embedded systems designers to mix safety-critical applications with complex rich operating systems. The resulting mixed-criticality systems present orders of magnitude larger code base and unacceptably greater attack surface and system vulnerability – often exposed to remote attack. To address this emerging threat model, we propose a new zero-trust computing architecture based on the concept of multi zone enclaves for RISC-V based Linux systems.



We live in the era of the Internet-of-Things (IoT). Billions of interconnected devices are now integral part of our lives, perform a myriad of functions, manage safety-critical operations, and generate and process vast amounts of sensitive data. As these systems are connected to the external world, they are inherently exposed to an endless number of cybersecurity threads [1, 2]. As shown by many recent high-profile cybersecurity incidents, the viability of this new Internet era heavily depends on the security of these devices and on the trust we are willing to put on them [2]. Read more of this post