Maintaining Security in a Heterogeneous and Changing World

Credits: Embedded World Conference 2019 Proceedings,

Abstract — Safety and security concerns are holding back the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Much of this comes down to two very different inconvenient truths: first, that Smart Cities and Connected Infrastructure are by nature composed of highly diverse sets of devices, yet device security standards are highly variable; and second, that those devices are operating in a permanently degraded state.
Firmware and device data need ongoing maintenance to overcome vulnerabilities and defend against newly-discovered threats, and yet this lack of interoperability makes such patching very difficult to realize. This paper argues for standards and interoperability at a critical layer of the stack – secure boot, firmware, trusted execution environment and identity protection – in order to enable proper security management of the IIoT ecosystem.

The Internet of Things, the technology that promised us utopian smart cities and connected lives, is failing to deliver. Instead of a coherent Internet of Things we have in its place an Internet of Silos, where narrow use cases may work very well, but devices, systems, and economies cannot interoperate. Differences in device standards, a lack of consistency in device security, and a ‘land-grab’, ‘winner-takes-all’ mentality on cloud management services means that while vertical walled-garden digital consumer services are making strides into the connected future, the physical world is left frustratingly behind.

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