‘Trend Micro Consumerization Report 2011’ revealed at the Gartner Summit in London

MEDIA ALERT: Cesare Garlati, Senior Director of Consumerization at Trend Micro, to reveal findings of the ‘Trend Micro Consumerization Report 2011’ at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit in London

“Rather than resist it, organisations should embrace Consumerization to unlock its business potential. This requires a strategic approach, flexible policies and appropriate security and management tools.”

Speaking at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit in London on 19 September 2011, Cesare Garlati, Senior Director of Consumerization at Trend Micro, will be speaking about what Gartner consider the single most influential technology trend of this decade: the Consumerization of IT. Or, how private technology use by employees is becoming increasingly embedded in their business activities and working practices.

Areas that Mr Garlati will explore include: what solutions and best practices a company can adopt to turn Consumerization into a competitive advantage; the widespread lack of a strategic approach to the Consumerization of the mobile enterprise; the productivity of the mobile workforce; and the effect of Consumerization on enterprise mobility and mobile security.

Mr Garlati will reference the findings of the ‘Trend Micro Consumerization Report 2011’, in relation to consumerization and its unfolding consequences.

The recent survey by Trend Micro of enterprise IT (1) decision-makers reveals several important points about the way consumerization is proceeding in corporate IT environments:

  • 74% of respondents already allow employees to use personal devices for work-related activities. The majority of end-users favours these devices because they are easier to use, more convenient, and allow them to mix personal and work.
  • 50% of IT decision-makers responded that companies should offer full support for employee-owned devices, with a caveat: 79% said that employees should be required to install mobile security solutions on their personal mobile devices.
  • 69% of respondents agreed that mobile device security is a key component for protecting their IT environments from employee-owned mobile devices; with 71% of respondents consider a combination of mobile device security and mobile device management to be the most effective.

Mr. Garlati will be available for interview to discuss both the results of the report and the wider themes around consumerization, enterprise mobility and mobile security.

About Cesare Garlati
As Sr. Director of Consumerization at Trend Micro, Cesare Garlati is responsible for raising awareness of Trend Micro’s vision for security solutions in an increasingly consumerized IT world as well as ensuring that customer insights are incorporated into Trend’s mobile solutions. Prior to joining Trend Micro, Mr. Garlati held director positions within leading mobility companies such iPass, Smith Micro Software and WaveMarket – now LocationLabs. Prior to this, he was senior manager of product development at Oracle, where he led the development of Oracle’s first cloud application and many other modules of the Oracle E-Business Suite. Cesare holds a Berkeley MBA, a BS in Computer Science and numerous professional certifications from Microsoft, Cisco and Sun.

About Gartner Security & Risk Management 2011
The Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2011 provides chief information security officers (CISOs) and security, risk management and business continuity professionals with advice on infrastructure protection, governance, risk management, compliance, business continuity, disaster preparedness, response and recovery. The event features analyst-moderated user roundtables, workshops and end-user case studies, plus new research, trend updates, best practices and long-range scenarios.

(1) The survey was conducted by Trend Micro in Q2 2011. It includes 600 responses from medium and large enterprise IT decision-makers in North America, Europe and Asia.

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About Cesare Garlati
Co-Founder, Hex Five Security, Inc. - Chief Technologist prpl Foundation

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